According To Recent Survey Age 52 Is The Favorable Age For Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery
A rather interesting survey has been completed where a group of women where a study was conducted bySuperdrug where 3,000 women between the age of 40-60 where interview regarding a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. The data is rather interesting:

According to the Metro:
“One in three women over 40 are so worried about their appearance that they would consider plastic surgery.
The poll also found that
a fifth of women between 40 and and 60 would happily get a face lift if they had the money.

Almost a third of those quizzed said they would rather look 20 years younger than be a millionaire.
Women aged between 40 and 60 also spent an average of £137.28 a year on anti-ageing creams.
An eye lift was the most popular choice for those who wanted plastic surgery with a quarter choosing this method to smooth out wrinkles while 29 per cent wanted a tummy tuck.
Even those who didn’t want cosmetic surgery wanted a helping hand with 29 per cent saying they needed Botox or chemical peels in the battle against ageing.”
by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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